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The "Trema" Moodle Theme

theme-trema The theme trema is focused in usability and beauty. In order to acheive this, our developers worked hard to make it clean and easy to use for everyone.

The main goal for this theme is that the Moodle site will not need another site for information/advertising/marketing.

Nice features in trema:

  • It's based in the boost theme, so it will continue to be compatible with Moodle for a long time.
  • The frontpage is fully customized. It's possible to change the image banner. You can create up to six beautiful cards with custom contents and you can add custom HTML content with no restrictions.
  • The login page is awesome with Particles lib.
  • We really use Bootstrap to make the theme fully responsive.
  • The footer is highly customizable and we have an exclusive admin area block that can be seen and accessed only by the site administrator.
  • Thinking a little more about the administrators we made the admin dashboard area, so that they can see in real time some data about their Moodle.
  • The colours scheme can be changed in the theme settings.


Developed and maintained by

Rodrigo Mady
Moodle profile:
Web profile:

Michael Milette
Moodle profile:
Web profile:


As Trema is licensed under the GNU GPLv3 License it comes with NO support. So if you need some help talk to us in 'Moodle profile' in 'Developed and maintained by' above and we can discuss some improvements. To inform errors access Github Issues.


Ensure you have the version of Moodle as stated above in 'Required version of Moodle'. This is necessary as the theme relies on underlying core code. Move the folder trema to /theme/ folder from your Moodle installation. Access the Moodle Administration page (/admin) for do the necessary updates in your database.

Download the stable version of theme in: git clone trema

For uninstalling trema you must change the theme. And in /theme/ remove the folder trema.

See the demo site

A demo site showing all available features of Theme Trema.


Documentation is available in Theme Trema.


The theme trema use the particles.js a lightweight JavaScript library for creating particles in login.


Please, donate for helping us to improve Theme Trema:

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