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Welcome to Trema-Edge

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This is a temporary repository that we create in order to receive some valuable feedback from our users. In the future we are planning to merge this repository into the current trema repository.

Trema for OpenFlow 1.3.X

We have already developed source that implements the OpenFlow 1.3.0 specification and the newest OpenFlow version 1.3.1. The current implementation was C only but we also releasing a Ruby implementation. Trema for OpenFlow 1.3.X does not support OpenFlow version 1.0.

Implementation status:

  • trema command: works, all irrelevant commands have been removed.
  • ruby/trema: works Ruby controller
  • libtrema: works
  • switch_manager, switch daemon: works
  • tremashark: not yet implemented
  • src/examples/dumper: works (C only)
  • src/examples/hello_trema: works (both C and Ruby)
  • src/examples/list_switches: works (C only)
  • src/examples/learning_switch: works (both C and Ruby)
  • src/examples/multi_learning_switch: works (both C and Ruby)
  • src/examples/openflow_message: works (C only)
  • src/examples/packet_in: works (both C and Ruby)
  • src/examples/repeater_hub: works (both C and Ruby)
  • src/examples/simple_router: works (Ruby only)
  • src/examples/switch_info: works (both C and Ruby)
  • src/examples/switch_monitor: works (C only)
  • src/examples/traffic_monitor: works (both C and Ruby)
  • trema apps: not work
  • features: not work
  • spec: not work

The ./trema ruby not updated yet to include trema edge's API documentation and currently displays the trema's API documentation.

The Ruby controller implements most of the messages except the following:

  • Experimenter
  • Queue-get-config/request/reply
  • Role-request/reply
  • Get-async-requet/reply
  • Meter-mod

Tested platforms

  • Ruby 2.0.0 (1.8.x is NOT supported)
  • Ubuntu 12.04 (amd64)

It may also run on other GNU/Linux distributions but is not tested.

Required Packages


This repository has only been tested with ruby 2.0.0 (maybe with 1.9.3) and will not work with 1.8.x. We recommend installation of the rvm program for easy installation of ruby 2.0.0.

Other packages

% sudo apt-get install gcc make libpcap-dev libssl-dev

Build Trema

% gem install bundler
% bundle install
% rake

Run the Ruby learning switch

% ./trema run src/examples/learning_switch/learning-switch.rb -c src/examples/learning_switch/learning_switch.conf

How to build your own Ruby controller application

% mkdir work
% cd work
% vi sample.rb
% cat sample.rb
class Sample < Controller
  def switch_ready datapath_id
    # as an example create a flow to receive all packet-ins from port 1
    redirect_action = port_number: OFPP_CONTROLLER, max_len: OFPCML_NO_BUFFER )
    apply_ins = actions:  [ redirect_action ] )
    match = in_port: 1 )
    send_flow_mod_add( datapath_id,
                       priority: OFP_LOW_PRIORITY,
                       buffer_id: OFP_NO_BUFFER,
                       match: match,
                       instructions: [ apply_ins ] )

  def packet_in datapath_id, message
    # print the packet-in message instance
    puts message.inspect

% cat sample.conf
trema_switch( "lsw" ) {
  datapath_id "0xabc"

vhost ("host1") {
  ip ""
  netmask ""
  mac "00:00:00:01:00:01"

vhost ("host2") {
  ip ""
  netmask ""
  mac "00:00:00:01:00:02"

link "host1", "lsw:1"
link "host2", "lsw:2"

The above DSL would create 2 ports and link each port to learning trema switch. Since trema switch doesn't depend on an existence of a virtual network to function it is possible to define trema switch's ports explicitly by using the ports attribute in the trema_switch directive block.

% cat sample.conf
trema_switch( "lsw" ) {
  datapath_id "0xabc"
  ports "eth0,eth1"

Define the above syntax only if you are not using a virtual network for your testing otherwise use the link directive to define trema switch's virtual ports dynamically which is the effortless and easy way.

To run the controller

% ./trema run work/sample.rb -c work/sample.conf

How to build your own C controller application

To build

% mkdir work
% cd work
% vi sample.c
% cat sample.c
#include <inttypes.h>
#include "trema.h"

static void
handle_switch_ready( uint64_t datapath_id, void *user_data ) {
  info( "Hello %#" PRIx64 " from %s!", datapath_id, user_data );

main( int argc, char *argv[] ) {
  init_trema( &argc, &argv );

  set_switch_ready_handler( handle_switch_ready, argv[ 0 ] );


  return 0;
% cc `../trema-config -c` -o sample sample.c `../trema-config -l`

% cat sample.conf
trema_switch( "lsw" ) {
  datapath_id "0xabc"

vhost ("host1") {
  ip ""
  netmask ""
  mac "00:00:00:01:00:01"

vhost ("host2") {
  ip ""
  netmask ""
  mac "00:00:00:01:00:02"

link "host1", "lsw:1"
link "host2", "lsw:2"

% cd ..

To start the C controller

% ./trema run work/sample -c work/sample.conf

If sucessfully run should observe the following:

Hello 0xabc from work/sample!

To stop the controller

% Press Ctrl-c.

About OpenFlow 1.3.0

Notable modifications

  • Multiple tables, groups support (Setting of multiple tables, groups).

  • Extensible match support. (Extensible match support applicable to MPLS and IPv6 match setting).

  • Extensible packet rewrite support. (Extensible packet rewrite support applicable to MPLS and IPv6).

  • Support for added packet-in contents. (Support for additional cookie and match fields).

Frequently used packets expanded hence processing time increased.

  • The packet-in has been expanded to include the cookie and the match fields.
  • The flow_mod that had only match+actions has been expanded to match+instructions+actions.


  • The cookie mask is to be used in flow_mod modify/delete and flow_stats_request and aggregate_stats_request. As currently trema does the cookie translation it is a problem.

Differences seen by applications

  • Flow_mod is necessary after switch connection establishment since the default packet-in is not sent.
  • Since the cookie field is attached to packet-in the application can also attach it to flow_mod.
  • It is necessary to search for the in_port included in the match of the packet-in.
  • Since the features reply doesn't include port information it is necessary to use a different method to retrieve. (OFPT_MULTIPART_REQUEST)

Ambiguous specification items

  • undefined structure
    • p.44: ofp_instruction_experimenter
    • p.65,66: ofp_table_feature_prop_header and ofp_table_feature_prop_experimenter
    • p.66: ofp_instruction
  • undefined macro
    • p.54: OFPTC_*
    • p.69: OFPQ_ALL
    • p.70: OFPG_ANY and OFPG_ALL
  • typo
    • p.75: NX_ROLE_ -> OFPCR_ROLE_
    • p.72: /* All OFPMC_* that apply. */ -> /* All OFPMF_* that apply. */
  • added macro


Trema is released under the GNU General Public License version 2.0:

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