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This skill is for controlling Domoticz with the intelligent personal assistant Mycroft.
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This skill is for controlling Domoticz with the source voice assistant Mycroft.



Name your devices in Domoticz like this: "Where What". Mycroft will look for the device listed in Domoticz. However the skill will also look for "What Where" as well. Devices can also be referenced by "What" alone but Mycroft will only fall back to that if it can't find the device using "Where What" or "What Where".

Note: Especially with weather sensors try to name your devices something that won't interfere with other skills. For instance naming a device "weather" could cause Mycroft to give you the current stat for the device named "weather" if you ask "what's the weather" rather than telling you what the current weather is via the weather skill.

Domoticz Groups and Scenes

If you want Mycroft to do things like "turn off all the lights" in Domoticz then make a scene or group named "all the lights" with all the lights in it and the skill will find this group and operate the whole group rather than an individual object. One caveat is that you want to make the scene name distinct from the individual switch name. Mycroft is not good at picking out the "S" sound at the end of the word. So a group with items in it called Kitchen Light, Counter Light and Stove Light, won't work properly if you call the groups name "Kitchen Lights". Mycroft will trigger on "Kitchen Light" before it triggers on "Kitchen Lights". So if you say "Hey Mycroft turn off the kicthen lights" it will most likely only turn off the light named "Kitchen Light".

Mycroft Settings Page

The default settings for the domoticz connection and configuration is the local host without authentication.


In English :

examples device names:

  • Living room light
  • Outside temperature
  • Front door lock

example phrases:

  • Hey Mycroft turn on the living room light
  • Hey Mycroft what is the outside temperature?
  • Hey Mycroft lock the front door
  • Hey Mycroft dim the dining room dimmer 50%

In French (not yet tested) :

  • allume la lumière du salon
  • éteind la lumiere du salon


Use with Tasker on Android for send command voice to Mycroft.

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