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VBAm port
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.settings Many changes. See readme.
3rdparty performance, sound and control fixes
Device-Release more speed up, sound fixes v9
media Many changes. See readme.
src fixed bug where folders not getting created.
.cproject Many changes. See readme.
.project more speed up, sound fixes v9
README rom cycler, rewind save,load Update
bar-descriptor.xml Many changes. See readme.
changes.txt VBAMpb initial commit
fex.txt VBAMpb initial commit
internals.txt VBAMpb initial commit
license.txt VBAMpb initial commit
readme-fex.txt update readme
readme.txt VBAMpb initial commit
sdl-controls.xml Update sdl-controls.xml

VBAMpb Blackberry Port of VBA-M GBA/GB/GBC emulator

misc\roms\gba place unzipped .gba games in here misc\vbampb\bios place gba_bios.bin file here if you wish to play games... misc\vbampb\ configuration, saves and other stuff. misc\vbampb\tco.xml override default control interface with your own buttons and layout


  • Visual Rom Selector, tap top left
  • Save files now work and load.
  • Fixed L + R (was backwards)
  • App now automatically creates and reads in vbam-over.ini
  • App now automatially creates vbam.cfg
  • Bios Dir was changed to misc/vbampb/bios
  • Savegames and savestates save into misc/vbampb/savegames
  • Gameboy Color functionality REMOVED -- Available in Emulator GBColor-pb


  • rom cycling, tap top left
  • FEX is disabled for now, so no zip etc
  • effects are disabled for now like blur etc but not the main filters
  • audio buffer is 300ms/11khz for now...
  • Some games stutter with sound, performance issues vary wildly but for the most part they are playable.
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