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VBAm port
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VBAMpb Blackberry Port of VBA-M GBA/GB/GBC emulator

misc\roms\gba place unzipped .gba games in here misc\vbampb\bios place gba_bios.bin file here if you wish to play games... misc\vbampb\ configuration, saves and other stuff. misc\vbampb\tco.xml override default control interface with your own buttons and layout


  • Visual Rom Selector, tap top left
  • Save files now work and load.
  • Fixed L + R (was backwards)
  • App now automatically creates and reads in vbam-over.ini
  • App now automatially creates vbam.cfg
  • Bios Dir was changed to misc/vbampb/bios
  • Savegames and savestates save into misc/vbampb/savegames
  • Gameboy Color functionality REMOVED -- Available in Emulator GBColor-pb


  • rom cycling, tap top left
  • FEX is disabled for now, so no zip etc
  • effects are disabled for now like blur etc but not the main filters
  • audio buffer is 300ms/11khz for now...
  • Some games stutter with sound, performance issues vary wildly but for the most part they are playable.
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