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Simple Timezone Converter

STZC is a Google Chrome and Safari extension that allows for quick and easy convertions between timezones.

Yeah, this is what it looks like in Chrome.

Yeah, this is what it looks like in Safari.

Installing in Google Chrome (using the packed file)

  • Download and save this file.
  • Go to Settings->Extensions and drag the file there.
  • Click Install

Installing in Safari (using the packed file)

(Note: this is an old version, for latest version use the unpacked source files, see below)

Installing (using the unpacked source files)

  • Either download the zip file of this repository or clone it using git.
  • Unpack the zip file somewhere.
  • In browser:
    • Google Chrome, go to Settings->Extensions and click Load unpacked extension.... Select the root directory of your source files.
    • Safari, go to Develop->Show Extension Builder click the '+'-sign and Add extension. Locate the folder and click Select. Note. You may need to change the name of the folder so that it ends with .safariextension. E.g. simple-tz-convert.safariextension

Reporting bugs or suggestions

If you found a bug, or a have a brilliant idea about how to make STZC better, please report it by simply creating a Github Issue or e-mailing me at and describe your problem or suggestion.


Feel free to fork this repository and make changes to it. I would appreciate any pull request with features to STZC. Just remember that simplicity is the main goal of this project.