BMC Discovery - automation tool for syntax checking, pattern upload, testing for usual pattern developer routines.
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This is IDE and automation program for BMC Discovery (ADDM) language - TPL tideway pattern language

For tpl syntax highlighting follow:

Designed for Python 3

Can run in usual shell or like 'build system'

Syntax check


Syntax check work only for versions: 11.0, 10.2, 10.1, 10.0

NOTE: syntax tests (require 3rd party module tplint by Ladkau, Matthias)

To use syntax check functions:

  • Download module tplint
  • Unzip
  • Copy folders (from 'tpledit_v0.4\tpledit' ): taxonomy and tplint in 'bmc_tplpre' (where lies)


  • download ZIP;
  • use master/bmc_tplpre;
  • copy it wherever you want;
  • point your build system to it; see examples below
  • pip install paramiko, progressbar2
  • use arguments;


  • To use ADDM over SSH commands: paramiko


  • To print nice and fancy progress bars for long processes: progressbar


Different run mode available:

All available modes described here in pdf.

In editor:

  • Sublime: use it's build system, example.


You probably should update build file example according to recent arguments.

  • Atom: install plugin 'build' and use atom-build.yml example.


  • In CMD:

Common options:

D:\>C:\Python34\python.exe D:\BMC_TPL_IDE\bmc_tplpre\ -h

usage: [-h] [-usual_import] [-recursive_import] [-read_test]
                [-run_test] [-related_tests] [-tpl VERSION_TPL]
                [-full_path FULL_PATH] [-u USER] [-p PASSWORD]
                [-system_user SYSTEM_USER] [-system_password SYSTEM_PASSWORD]
                [-addm ADDM_HOST] [-host_list SCAN_HOST_LIST]
                [-disco_mode DISCO_MODE] [-l LOG_LVL] [--version]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  • From windows context menu:

Run regedit; Add keys as described:

Use any usual arguments and add any needed key for all you need.
Just be sure -full_path '%1' - will call path to active file.
  • reg_shell

Current features:

Some of them is still in progress:

  • syntax tests (require 3rd party module tplint by Ladkau, Matthias)

  • importing linked patterns (working only if dev environment found):

    • from current pattern;
    • from current pattern and each imported;
    • from current pattern and each imported and from;
  • Run TPLPreprocessor:

    • on current pattern file;
    • on imported pattern files;
  • SSH to ADDM for options:

    • check tpl version;
    • check DEV paths;
    • pattern uploading;
    • auto scan start;
  • Start scan;

  • Tests

    • Run pattern test;
    • Run pattern related tests;
  • Validate results:
    • si query;
    • si models;
    • gather record data;
    • generate DML data;
    • generate test data;

Issues and requests:

Please add issues and requests here: issues


Some extra docs and explanations for internal logic you can find here: All docs