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Bot Yogi is inspired from the famous eBot from deStrO. The point of the bot is to be a complet tool to manage CS:GO tournament in LAN.
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Yogi the bot {•̃_•̃}

Yogi the bot is meant to be the tool that allows you to organize your CS:GO tournament in a LAN and kill the myth of not having a CS:GO LAN without issues.

It is based on what was done with but after facing several critical issues with this tool, I decided to redo something similar with the knowledge of what I don't want to see happening during a LAN.

One of the pain points was also the installation of the whole set of tools with communication between the interface and the servers. With Yogi the bot, I want to provide a set of scripts which will help to simplify the installation of the cluster of game servers and also the web interface.

At best, just a list of few settings will need to be provided to set up and start everything.

Development planning

Basically, in a mid/long term, the goal is to have most of the interesting feature that eBot has.

Game server

  • Read, parse and send the log of the game
  • Receive commands from the web interface and apply them to the server
  • The capability to load a config file in the game server
  • The capability to load a pending game config on any game server
  • Export match replay in a storage server at the end of a match

Web interface

  • Manage a cluster of game server
  • Manage a set of matches
  • Plan a future set of matches
  • Retrieve and load configuration on game servers
  • Display game information to players and admin

Communication Schema

             |   Web   |
     |            |            |
     v            v            v
+---------+  +---------+  +---------+
| CS SERV |  | CS SERV |  | CS SERV |
+---------+  +---------+  +---------+


  • Script to install the web interface on a specific server
  • Script to install one or more game server on a list of servers

Expected improvement from other tools

  • Better and more consistent documentation on how to install and use the bot
  • Less fragile to network issues
  • Better management of conflict in match scheduling and configuration
  • Export data related to the actual match on a backup server for redundancy
  • Load pending game configuration on an other server in case of server issue
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