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Tribblix Build

These are the scripts to build a Tribblix image. It's assumed that you've created all the SVR4 packages already.

The first step is to create a distribution area. It's named /export/tribblix by default, and ought to contain a 'dist' directory and a 'prebuilt' directory. First run install-pkgs to install the base. The list of packages in the minimal system is the base-iso overlay.

You'll need to run mk-pkgs-zap to populate the ISO with the additional packages referenced in the overlays.

Then just run build_iso to create the iso.

The make-dist script is a simple way to run all the above steps.

The script is what gets put onto the live CD and used to install Tribblix to a hard disk.

The script is a script that allows install to ufs instead of zfs.

Once you've booted up the live image successfully, and have the services running correctly, copy off /etc/svc/repository.db into the prebuilt directory and you'll avoid manifest import from then on.

Likewise after a successful install (without overlays) into repository-installed.db and you'll avoid manifest import at first boot. The generic_live.xml here is the profile used for the live boot.

If you have a commonly installed overlay then you can install that, copy off the repository from after the first boot, and put that into the prebuilt directory named as repository-overlay.db, and update the installation scripts - I do this by default for the kitchen-sink and x11 overlays. (For the x11 overlay I enable HAL, and the kitchen-sink has the SLiM login manager enabled as well.)


The script was designed to install a copy of Tribblix into a new BE (boot environment) on an existing illumos system. Specifically, it has been run on the OmniOS EC2 AMI to install Tribblix to a new BE (using the same image as is used for iPXE boot); rebooting that instance then boots up into Tribblix, allowing you to delete the OmniOS BE and create a pure Tribblix AMI.

While it's specific to that particular case, it's really a variant of the script, and it could easily be modified to do the same trick with other images. (To see how to unpack some of the other distros, look at my alien zones brand which knows how to unpack various distros into a zone filesystem.)


Conversion scripts for taking IPS packages (either from an installed system or from the repo created from an Illumos build) and creating an equivalent SVR4 package. - an ugly way to translate IPS package names to SVR4 names - script to convert a package from an installed system - script to convert a package from an Illumos build, - wrappers to create all packages

These also depend on the tribblix-transforms repo on github, which applies a number of modifications at the packaging stage (rather than having to fix the illumos build).

These have my own build locations hardcoded, which will need fixing - search for "ptribble", "/packages", and "/var/tmp" in the scripts and put in whatever makes sense for your own system.

Known issues

The scripts have way too many paths hard-coded for my own build server.

Not all package attributes are handled correctly.

Editable files aren't handled as such.