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Sample tablet visualization with realtime data push using Adobe Flex & LiveCycle Data Services
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The Enterprise Tablet Visualization application is a sample application built using Adobe Flex and AIR.   The application is not a production application.  It demonstrates realtime data push to a mobile application using LiveCycle Data Services, realtime multimedia collaboration using LiveCycle Collaboration Services, as well as multi-form-factor UI for both tablet and phone devices, including map integration and interactive data visualizations.

You can preview a video of this application in action at:


The backend logic requires LiveCycle Data Services, and is deployed as part of a standard J2EE WAR file.

The front-end client mobile application is built using the SWIZ framework (swiz-framework-v1.3.1.swc):

The client uses the ESRI ArcGIS mapping SDK (agslib-2.4-2011-07-25.swc), available at:

The client also uses LiveCycle Collaboration Services for realtime collaboration:


You can read more about this at
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