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#Brightcenter-PHP-SDK V1.0 In this repo you'll find the PHP-SDK for Brightcenter. In this file I'll describe how you can use the SDK.

###Download the project First of all you need to download the project. You can either check it out with git or download the zip. Once you've done this you'll have all the files needed.

###Put the files in place Then you can move the files to any folder you want. Just remember that all the downloaded files need to be in the same folder. The demo folder can be removed anytime, it just contains a little demo that show how to get the groups of a teacher.

###How to use the SDK The SDK provides three functions you can use. First you'll need to include the bcconnect.php file in your file like this:


From then you can use all the files you've downloaded, but I would recommend that you stick to bcconnector.php and result.php only!

###How to login and get the groups First we need to make a new connector object like this:

$connector = new BCConnect();

To get the groups of a teacher simply call the following method:

$groups = $connector->getGroupsOfTeacher(username, password);

where username is the teachers username and password his password. $groups now contains an array with Group objects as specified in group.php. To get a student you can call something like:

$students = $groups[0]->students;

if an error has occured an error message(String) will be returned.

###Get results of a student To get the results of a student for an assessment you can use the following function:

$results = $connector->getResultsOfStudentForAssessment(assessmentId, studentId);

where assessmentId is the id of the assessment as string and studentId is the id of the student as string. $results now contains an array with all the results of a student for an assessment as specified in result.php

###Post results of a student To post a result of an student you can call the following method:

$connector->postResultOfStudentForAssessment(assessmentId, questionId, studentId, score, duration, CompletionStatus, date);

this method will return true if the result is accepted and gives back an error message if rejected.

assessmentId is the id of the assessment as string

questionId is the id of the question as string

studentId is the id of the student as string

score is the score of the student for the question as float. This can be 0.1, 0.00001, 1.3, 100.0, 847, etc.

duration is the time in seconds as float.

CompletionStatus is the completion of the question. the completionstatus can be retrieved as constant from the CompletionStatus object. You can use:


Please use these constants to prevent errors!

date is the date in milliseconds(Unix timestamp). for example: 18 dec 2013 = 1387321200000


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