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Examples for ESP8266/Arduino using the Meson build system


This projects assumes you'll be using it on a modern Linux system.

You'll need to have some software installed and available in your PATH:

  • git
  • meson and ninja
  • python


  1. Download/Clone the ESP8266 Arduino SDK from here. You'll want version 2.4.2. For example:
git clone esp8266-sdk
cd esp8266-sdk
git checkout 2.4.2
  1. Download/Get the ESP8266/Arduino toolchanin:
cd /path/to/esp8266-sdk/
cd tools

This will download the right versions of required tools like gcc/g++ and esptool

  1. Clone this repo (if not already done)
git clone
  1. Install/Configure the meson crossfile
mkdir -p ~/.local/share/meson/cross
cp esp8266.crossfile.example ~/.local/share/meson/cross/esp8266
$EDITOR ~/.local/share/meson/cross/esp8266

Make sure to replace all instances of /path/to/esp8266-sdk with the value that is right for your system. Please note that all paths in the crossfile must be absolute and can't contain placesholders such as $HOME or ~

  1. Optional: Configure the script If on your system the clone of this repository is a sibling of the folder the ESP8266 SDK is contained in and it's called esp8266-sdk you don't need to do anything. Otherwise you'll need to adjust the TOOL_ROOT variable so it points to the right place. You can use placeholders/variables like $HOME and ~ here as the upload script is a regular bash shell script.

  2. Configure a Meson build directory and build the examples

meson build --cross-file esp8266
ninja -C build
  1. Upload an example to an ESP8266 module
./ blinky serial

This assumes a ESP8266 module that can be reset via the serial port is connected to /dev/ttyUSB0. If that is not the case you can specify the port to use as the 3rd argument to the upload script.

List of example projects:

  • blinky: This is the only example right now. It blinks an LED connected on GPIO2 which is the case on most ESP12-* boards.


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