Fix issue where $USER is undefined in init. #11

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boxofrad commented Jan 19, 2012

Hi, me again :P

This commit fixes an issue we've been having where the service would not start on boot correctly because the $USER variable was undefined.

As $USER gets interpolated in the command it'd run (notice the -user flag):

/usr/bin/jsvc -home /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-openjdk/jre      -wait 20   -pidfile /var/run/   -user    -procname jsvc-   -jvm server  .........

This only shows up for us when the script is getting run by init on boot.

Hope this helps :)


kares commented Jan 19, 2012

hmm, I was actually thinking of rather getting rid of -user option entirely.

first of all it's not working (for me at least on linux when I run jsvc -user kares as root), secondly in your case it seems redundant as you're not changing the user under which trinidad should boot.

recommended scenario would be running trinidad under a non-root user (even while init-ed under root) and thus we should extend the configuration to support this (optional) option - if the user enters a $RUN_USER and we're running the script as root I would add :

if [[ -n $RUN_USER && $EUID -eq 0 ]]; then
  JSVC="sudo -u $RUN_USER $JSVC"

and than of course completely remove the -user $USER \ line

it is still runnable as root (for those binding to 80) if $RUN_USER is empty
and runs with the priviledges of the non-root current user if executed directly e.g. when doing a restart during capistrano deploy (ssh-d under $RUN_USER)

this should suit your case as well ($EUID -eq 0 will work in your case - no need to whoami), or not ?


boxofrad commented Jan 19, 2012

Yep that sounds like a plan ;)


kares commented Jan 19, 2012

you're right - less talking more coding :)


but I'll need to test it before pull-ing ...


kares commented Jan 20, 2012

closing in favor of #12 thanks for bringing this up @boxofrad
let us know if you run into any issues with the new approach

kares closed this Jan 20, 2012

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