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Capacitor FingerPrint Auth

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  • npm i capacitor-fingerprint-auth


import { FingerPrintAuth } from 'capacitor-fingerprint-auth';
const auth = new FingerPrintAuth();
const data = await auth.available();
const hasFingerPrintOrFaceAuth = data.has;
const touch = data.touch;
const face = data.face;

await auth.verify();

await auth.verifyWithFallback(); //Falls back to password on IOS


Method Default Type Description
available() Promise<any> Checks if the device has fingerprint/touch id / faceid support
verify() Promise<any> Shows the prompt
verifyWithFallback() Promise<any> Falls back to passcode IOS


	  title: 'Android title', // optional title (used only on Android)
	  message: 'Scan your finger', // optional (used on both platforms) - for FaceID on iOS see the notes about NSFaceIDUsageDescription
	  authenticationValidityDuration: 10, // optional (used on Android, default 5)
	  useCustomAndroidUI: false // set to true to use a different authentication screen (see below)
      fallbackTitle: "Enter your PaSsWorD " //The localized title for the fallback button in the dialog presented to the user during authentication.
      cancelTitle:"Get me out //The localized title for the cancel button in the dialog presented to the user during authentication"
	.then(() => console.log("Biometric ID OK"))
	.catch(err => console.log(`Biometric ID NOT OK: ${JSON.stringify(err)}`));

Face ID (iOS)

iOS 11 added support for Face ID and was first supported by the iPhone X. The developer needs to provide a value for NSFaceIDUsageDescription, otherwise your app may crash.

You can provide this value (the reason for using Face ID) by adding something like this to App/info.plist:

<string>For easy authentication with our app.</string>

Example Image

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