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A starter project to create Arc jobs using the Jupyter Notebook interface
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Arc Starter

A starter project to begin coding an Arc job using the Jupyter Notebook interface see: Arc-Jupyter.


Clone this repository then run the included shells script. The user interface will then be available at http://localhost:8888 and the token will be printed to the console.


The script contains a hard coded memory allocation for Apache Spark via the Java Virtual Machine which should be configured for your specific environment. e.g. to change from 4 Gigabytes to 8 Gigabytes:

-e JAVA_OPTS="-Xmx4g" \


-e JAVA_OPTS="-Xmx8g" \


Magic Description Scala 2.11 Scala 2.12 numRows truncate outputView
%arc Execute an Arc stage. Default.
%conf Set configuration. Default master=local[*], numRows=20, truncate=50
%cypher Execute a Cypher query and return resultset.
%env Set job variables via the notebook (e.g. %env ETL_CONF_KEY0=value0 ETL_CONF_KEY1=value1). Note these are not environment variables so bash interpretation (e.g. $(date "+%Y-%m-%d")) cannot be used.
%metadata Returns the metadata of an input view as a resultset.
%printmetadata Prints the Arc metadata JSON for the input view.
%printschema Prints the Spark schema for the input view as text.
%schema Prints the Spark schema for the input view.
%sql Execute a SQL query and return resultset.
%summary Returns the summary statistics of an input view as resultset.
%version Prints the version information of Arc Jupyter.
  • numRows defines the number of rows to return in a result table.
  • truncate defines the maximum number of characters displayed in a single result cell.
  • outputView defines the name of a temporary view to register of the resultset.
  • persist will persist the dataset in memory to speed up use.


This example shows how to use the numRows, truncate, outputView and persist options:

%sql numRows=10 truncate=100 outputView=green_tripdata0 persist=true
FROM green_tripdata0_raw
WHERE fare_amount < 10


In addition to executing the .ipynb file directly an Arc job export option has been provided in the File\Download as menu which will export all the Arc stages from the notebook and create a job file. Note that Jupyter Notebooks has been modified so that the .ipynb file will not save any output datasets to prevent data from being accidentally committed to version control.

Download as



If you are running Docker For Mac or Docker for Windows ensure that the Docker memory allocation is large enough to support the memory -Xmx4g requested:

Docker For Mac Memory Docker For Windows Memory


ARC in Jupyter Notebooks


Arc is released under the MIT License.

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