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This is the lyricsource componet for foo_uie_lyrics3.dll.It retrives lyrics from sites.

Component dll


Development enviroment

Visual studio Express 2015 for Windows Desktop
foobar2000 1.3.9
foo_uie_lyric3 0.4.5

Original source
What I changed mainly are my_lyrics_source.cpp/h.


iconv and libxml2.
Place these dll files to the directory that is containd in PATH enviromment,or the directory where foobar2000.exe resides.

  • libxml2.dll
  • iconv.dll

Foobar2000 Configuration

After installing the new component and placing the 2 DLLs in the Foobar directory, Go to Preferences > Tools > Lyric Show 3 and add "" from 'Available Sources' to 'Search Order'.
I would suggest deactivating those source by moving it back to 'Available Sources'.

  • "Online DB: Google Search"
  • "Online DB: Timestamped2"

To Use "External Command" Source

foobar2000 configuration

Same as above,except,source name is "External Command".

Place executable file

From,Place exe file to the directory where foobar2000.exe resides.

  • get_lyric.exe

Note that if "" exists,"get_lyric.exe" is ignored.

To test "get_lyric.exe" works well

In command prompt:

cd [foobar2000 dir]
get_lyric.exe --artist "moterhead" --song "eat the rich"

For example,[foobar2000 dir] is like "C:\Program Files (x86)\foobar2000".
If it works well,lyric should be displayed.

About "get_lyric.exe"

This exe search lyric from sites.
The exe is executed by foo_lyricsource.dll,with this argument format:

get_lyric.exe --artist "artist" --song "song"  

and the exe put lyric string to standard output.If standard output is none,The dll consider it found no matched lyric.
This exe put some debug imformation to "get_lyric.log" at the same directory.



1st release


Added "external command" source.Explanation is above.


Replaced "" python script to "get_lyric.exe".
This exe includes python and required libraries.So there is no need to install them.
If there is "",the dll uses it.