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rack city

WebGL Music Viz for Mashable sponsored by Intel 2-1s.

Fun collab with the super-talented JKim - http://www.jonathankim.tv/

View project at http://www.trippedout.net/rackcity


This repo is a war zone. Comments are awul, code is rushed (and ugly) and I remembered why I stopped writing JS.

On a lighter note, this was fun, and some people enjoyed using it and see benefits from developing it further, so without further ado...

known issues

apparently there is an item in the return object from soundcloud tracks called 'streamable:false' that i didn't know existed. i thought you could stream anything. hopefully get to fixin' that sooner than later so people stop the hate mail


  • Ported Processing's Minim Library BeatDetector - and just split out as its own repo. Could really use some help cleaning it up and making it work better, so head on over and check ito ut.
  • UI is flat and uninspired, and I haven't added any movement
  • Add drop-down selector to intial load process if geolocation fails or is denied by a user. Right now you have to allow it, and then you're able to change in with the dropdown on the bottom right when music starts.
  • Break the data/3d load up into a loop so it doesn't lock up creating 600+ objects all at once.
  • Learn to code properly.

In all honesty this was a lot of fun, and if people want to pitch in to make something cooler, then I'm all for it. If no one ever sees this page either, that's fine too. Thanks to Lauren @ Mashable for the opportunity. Back to Android and Oculus for now...