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A custom form element called "Repeatable" for the awesome #TYPO3 form framework.
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Custom form element "Repeatable container"

This TYPO3 extension adds a custom form element "Repeatable container" to the TYPO3 form framework. It displays one/ a set of fields which can be duplicated and removed if desired. Any existing validation is copied as well. All form finishers will be aware of the copied field(s).


Copy the extension folder to \typo3conf\ext\ , upload it via the extension manager or add it to your composer.json. Add the static TypoScript configuration to your TypoScript template. Make sure, jQuery is available in the frontend. We have tested with TYPO3 v8 and v9 and jQuery v2.2.4.


Open the TYPO3 form editor and create a new form/ open an existing one. Add a new element to your form. The modal will list the new custom form element "Repeatable container".

Add the desired fields with the favored validators to the "Repeatable container".

The frontend will render the "Repeatable container" as fieldset. In addition to the included form elements it will display buttons for copying/ removing new sets of fields.

State of development

This extension is still in beta phase. Right now, a bunch of people are testing the implementation. Some parts still need some love. Do not use in production right now.


This TYPO3 extension was created by Ralf Zimmermann (

Thank you

Nora Winter - "Faktenkopf" at - sponsored this great extension. The fine people at connected all the people involved.

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