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  1. marc-to-argot marc-to-argot Public

    Tools for converting MARC records to shared TRLN ingest format

    Ruby 17 5

  2. trln_argon trln_argon Public

    A Rails Engine that bootstraps a Blacklight catalog for use with the TRLN shared index.

    Ruby 7 3

  3. data-documentation data-documentation Public

    Jupyter Notebook 5 1

  4. argon_code_mappings argon_code_mappings Public

    Mappings from library/location/status codes to names used by people


  5. trlnbib_index_tests trlnbib_index_tests Public

    Relevancy and other query tests against the trlnbib shared Solr index.

    Ruby 4

  6. marc-relators marc-relators Public

    Creates map of relator code to relator term, and relator term to relator category. Based on combination of LC and RDA vocabularies.

    Ruby 3 1


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