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@troglobit troglobit released this Jun 16, 2019 · 11 commits to master since this release

Nemesis the Destroyer


  • Support for DHCP protocol crafting, defaults to DHCP Discover with option 53, 12, 60, 61, and 55
  • Support for repeated send in many protocol injectors. Can be used to, e.g., flood networks with ARP requests or test DHCP.
  • Incompatible command line option changes to IGMP protocol module


  • Fix #4: invalid IP header length in ICMP packets, by Samy Kamkar
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@troglobit troglobit released this May 10, 2018 · 54 commits to master since this release

Nemesis the Resurrection


  • Merged Nemesis libnet1 port, from stale CVS branch
    • Fixed libnet1 porting regression in nemesis-proto_icmp.c
    • Finished port of nemesis-printout.c to libnet1
    • Finished port of nemesis_proto_ospf.c, new HELLO API. Added workaround for missing "Active Neighbor" in libnet1
    • Removed lots of unused local variables, remnants from port
    • Updated configure script to check for libnet1
    • Re-KNF:ed entire source tree in libnet1 port merge. New file in root of tree: .clang-format for auto-indenting (exprimental)
  • Finished OSPF injector implementation, drop beta status
  • Changed default values for RIP injector, use v2 and
  • Minor license refactor to be auto-detected as 3-clause BSD
  • Removed build number from version string
  • Simplified usage/help texts for all injectors, more readable format
  • Replaced hard-coded version number with PACKAGE_VERSION
  • Changed README and ChangeLog to Markdown format, reorder the ChangeLog in reverse chronological order, latest first
  • Added some examples (!) to the README, everybody likes examples :)
  • Removed all generated autoconf/automake files from GIT. Use the ./ script when building from GIT.
  • Renamed --> and clean up the build system a bit, for readability and simplicity
  • Merged Debian .deb package build support, incl. modernize


  • Merged mailing list fix to allow IGMP group when sending a general query. Thanks to Randy Robertson
  • Fixed long-standing OSPF non-functioning bug. Caused by static declaration of OSPF variables in header file
  • Fixed needless byte-swapping in the following injectors, libnet1 does this for us already. Possible bug in earlier versions:
    • OSPF
    • RIP
    • ICMP
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@troglobit troglobit released this Apr 15, 2018 · 229 commits to master since this release

New and improved nemesis: nemesis-ethernet and nemesis-ip.


  • Windows support (link-layer injection only)
  • Useful man pages
  • Single binary
  • Improved cross-platform support via GNU autotools
  • Easier to use
    • Nemesis will attempt to fill in as many details as possible in a packet, thus requiring fewer or even no command line switches
    • Each protocol builder attempts to build a proper packet by default
  • Organized code base
    • The network header structures in libnet proved useful so nemesis now uses them where appropriate
    • Code is re-used wherever possible resulting in a much more concise code base
  • Full payload functionality
    • Payloads can now contain NULLs within them and full-size packets are available on all supported platforms except Windows
  • IP and TCP options support
    • All nemesis injectors (excluding ARP and Ethernet) now support IP options via -O <file>
    • All nemesis injectors using TCP as a transport protocol now support TCP options via -o <file>
  • Improved IP and TCP functionality
    • Full IP fragmentation support via new -F command line semantics
    • ECN support in TCP with the addition of -fE (ECE) and -fC (CWR)
  • Switched to GNU ChangeLog format
  • Moved printout functions into nemesis-printout.c
  • Moved file I/O functions to nemesis-fileio.c
  • Incorporated strlcpy() and strlcat() into source tree
  • Updated to use AC_REPLACE_FUNCS for locally included functions: strlcpy(), strlcat(), strspn(), inet_aton()
  • Removed struct OptionsData and PayloadData in favor of FileData
  • Changed builddatafromfile() to accept a FileData *
  • removed acconfig.h and replaced with AH_TOP macro in
  • updated aclocal.m4, missing, mkinstalldirs, configure,, config.guess,, man/ and src/ as part of autotools updates


  • Man page fixes from

  • minor man page cleanup

  • nemesis-proto_ip.c:

      -    ip_meta_packetlen = ip_packetlen - (link_offet + LIBNET_IP_H);
      +    ip_meta_packetlen = ip_packetlen - (link_offset + LIBNET_IP_H);
  • added .cvsignore to CVS

  • allow TCP packets to be sent without flags using -f-

  • allow RIP routing domain value to be 0 with RIP2

  • correct mistakes in specifying payload sizes for ICMP and RIP

  • added src/memcmp.c to satisfy automake dependency

  • debug fixes to

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