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#Compte Pose.

##This Arduino skecth is for running a Photographic timer, than can be used with enlarger or UV print box.

It basicely has three state: *A setting state, which is used to set an exposure time. *A run state, during which it triggers the enlarger / print box. *A pause state, where the count down is stopped, and the enlarger / print box shut.

A rotary encoder is used to set the duration os exposure, and a push button to start, pause, or stop exposure.

The time increment when setting is 1s under 2 minutes, 5 seconds between 2 and 5 minutes, and 15 seconds above.

The push button launch the timer when in setting mode. When running, it can pause/unpause, and stop exposure if long pressed.

The sketch is based on the following classes, available on my github: Timer: it deals with timing. SevenSegmentsDisplay: manage 4 digits display Encoder: managed encoder PushButton: provides debouncing and convenience function for button read.