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Unify names for demos and keep them short

Change-Id: I5a30c1bb3faa75dce6e8d59fcd86e42efab9f69c
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1 parent 02a4ccc commit 7f0a42ce1d4a9cc28a21cb9b92f2d6d2e601d10d @avsej avsej committed Dec 17, 2012
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4 sdk.xml
@@ -20,8 +20,8 @@
<project path="ruby/model" name="couchbase-ruby-model" />
<project path="demo/beer-sample" name="beer-sample" remote="avsej"/>
<project path="demo/beer.rb" name="couchbase-beer.rb" remote="couchbaselabs"/>
- <project path="demo/beersample-java" name="beersample-java" remote="couchbaselabs"/>
- <project path="demo/beersample-php" name="beersample-php" remote="trondn"/>
+ <project path="demo/" name="beersample-java" remote="couchbaselabs"/>
+ <project path="demo/beer.php" name="beersample-php" remote="trondn"/>
<project path="demo/squish" name="couchbase-squish" remote="couchbaselabs"/>
<project path="demo/vacuum" name="vacuum" remote="trondn"/>
<project path="demo/vacuum.js" name="vacuum.js" remote="trondn"/>

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