Solidity smart contracts for the TRON blockchain
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Solidity smart contracts for the TRON blockchain.

This repository contains a library of sample smart contracts for the TRON network.

Configured with TronBox.

Contracts include but not limited to implementations of standard-compliant tokens, library kits, and common utilities.


Install tronbox:

npm install -g tronbox

Clone repo:

git clone

Import Address and Private Key:

Import an address and private key of an account into the "from" and "privateKey" fields inside the tronbox.js file. Make sure it has test TRX to deploy the contracts. You can request some here.


tronbox compile


tronbox migrate --reset


This repository is maintained by the TRON community and is aimed to provide sample contracts with quality and security in mind. Please use common sense when using contracts associated with real money! These contracts are provided as-is; TRON Foundation takes no responsibility for any decisions made with these contracts.


Pull requests and suggestions are welcome.

Feel free to consult the Ethereum Conversion Guide to port Ethereum smart contracts over to TRON.


Released under the MIT License.