simple ruby script that dumps television programs from the "+7" site of Arte.
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arteget is a simple ruby script that dumps television programs from the "+7" site of Arte.

It uses wget to dump streams to the disk. Be sure to have it in your PATH.

Known issues:
Note that if the program name contains accents, such as "Téléchat", your shell
should be configured in UTF-8, otherwise it won't work.

Basic usage:
1) downloading the latest broadcasts of a given program:
	$ ./arteget.rb karambolage
2) downloading a single video:
	$ ./arteget.rb
3) downloading in german, standard quality:
	$ ./arteget.rb --qual=HQ --lang=de karambolage

You can list current program titles by using "list" as a program name.

v3.2: 2018/05/03
     - use https
     - site updates
v3.1: 2017/07/20
     - -n option
     - JSON download fix
     - Use OptionParser (thanks Pierre-Louis Bonicoli!)
     - New 'variant' option to select subtitles (thanks Pierre-Louis Bonicoli!)
     - Changes for program search
v3.0: 2017/04/27
     - change for new site
     - remove old broken features
v2.6: 2016/11/29
     - fix for latest site
     - add handler for "Dessous des cartes"
v2.5: 2016/05/20
     - now use Net:HTTP
     - more or less compatible with new site
v2.4: 2015/11/08
     - fix basic functionnalities with new site, still buggy
     - now uses wget instead of rtmpdump
v2.3: 2014/09/20
     - fix page parsing
     - fix rtmpdump invocation
v2.2: 2014/01/12
     - description file dumping
     - program listing
     - check for rtmpdump at startup
     - option to specify destination directory
v2.0: 2013/08/25
     - rewritten for the new site, not compatible with
       the old one.
     - allow download of subtitled version
v1.11: 2011/04/30
	 - fix URL downloading bug
v1.1: 2011/03/06
	 - options on the command line
	 - reworked to use XML descriptions
	 - top videos (views/ratings) support
	 - quiet mode
v1.01: 2011/02/20
	 - URL arg support
	 - new site URL
	 - libhttp update
v1.0: 2010/06/13
	 - new libhttp release
	 - handles new site
	 - way cleaner code

v0.1:  2008/XX/XX 
	 - First "release"

Contact me by mail:
mailbox: devel-arteget