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Athena PDF Conversion Service on Google App Engine

This is a Google App Engine Flexible Environment Docker reference configuration for running the Athena PDF conversion service.

Running locally

  1. Install Docker for Mac

  2. Kill any other apps running on localhost.

  3. Run Docker Compose to start up the containers. -d to run containers in the background.

     $ docker-compose up -d
     $ docker-compose ps
  4. Convert the GitHub homepage to a PDF.

     $ open http://localhost:8080/convert?auth=arachnys-weaver&url=
  5. Convert an html file on your machine to PDF.

     $ curl > jargon.txt
     $ curl -F "file=@jargon.txt" \
       http://localhost:8080/convert?auth=arachnys-weaver \
       > jargon.pdf
  6. Teardown.

     $ docker-compose down

Deploying to Google App Engine

$ gcloud projects list
$ gcloud set project=chocolate-covered-raisins
$ gcloud app deploy
$ gcloud app browse -s athenapdf
$ curl

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