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LiveCode (Revolution) stacks:

None of these stacks have been updated recently, but feel free to use or adapt as you see fit. They have not been tested using recent versions of LiveCode, so may not work as expected. As stacks are provided as is. Use at your own risk.

To download a single stack, right-click on the file name and choose "Download Linked File" or something similar.


A utility that converts text into the ASCII codes to generate Code128 subset A barcodes. You will need a Code128 font to display and print the codes when generated. There are plenty available but I use Riversedge fonts.


A very simple stack that reads data from a keyboard wedge barcode scanner. It allows you to check the raw data transmitted by the scanner as well as the ASCII data.


This project file contains a calendar sub-stack that you can insert into any project. It allows users to enter a date graphically, thereby ensuring that any date will be in a valid format. Handles international systems, allows weeks starting on Monday or Sunday, has large and small calendars, includes an installer and can hilite set dates either once or annually.


A demonstration of how to convert colors from RGB to HSV and back again.

DateTime Library

A collection of date and time functions for extracting certain bits of date information and for performing date & time conversions and calculations. Updated to include new functions for ISO week number, Julian dates, Easter, relative date calculations etc. Thanks to Mark Weider and the late Eric Chatonet for their contributions to this library.


Allows you to open a stack by dragging it into this stack window.


Utility for encoding email addresses in web pages, so they cannot be read by web crawling robots. Co-authored by Tim Ponn.

FunKey Plugin

Allocate script snippets to function keys. Sample scripts are included but the scripts are fully editable.

GeomScript Plugin

If you want to code the geometry for your interface, but don't want to have to work out all the dimensions and spacing, this will build the scripts for you. Are


Create valid HTML for page links or images.

InspectPanel Plugin

Palette for switching between the Inspector's panels. This allows you to switch panels with a single click. It also overcomes the Inspector's tendency to show one title and other panel.


This stack intercepts all keystrokes and display the key codes (ASCII), rawKey codes and modifiers. This is very useful if you need to write any rawKey handlers as you will need to know what codes to check for. It can also be used as an ASCII code translator.


Rev has a problem with Mac OS X application paths as it doesn't totally understand the way they are really folders. This utility uses a combination of AppleScript and Transcript to get the path to an application so that it can be started or activated using the launch command. Intended for Mac OS X only, but will probably work with other Mac systems.


This stack is a simple client for communicating with MySQL servers either on your own computer or remotely. It accepts any MySQL command and displays the results in a simple text-based table form. It is supposed to be similar to the client available when using OS X's Terminal, but does not require that the client & server be installed on your computer


This stack provides a GUI for testing connections to MySQL databases. It does basic queries as well as editing of tables and records. Not intended for long term use, but I found it helpful when starting to learn about MySQL.

Pending Plugin

Display pending messages with readable times. Cancel some, all or all with the same name. Edit the script of the containing object. Exclude Rev & glx messages if required.


Allows direct editing of OS X .list files (Mac OS X only).


Stack with library for communicating with a POP server and a sample stack showing how to use this library.


A utility stack which allows you to copy resources from one file to another or to delete unwanted resources. While it was designed to work with Revolution stacks, it can be used for any Mac files containing resources. Remember: make backups before messing with resources! Mac only.


This is a stack that uses Rev's built-in compression routines to compress and expand any file. The latest version allows drag & drop but the drag hilighting may not always go away properly if you move off the buttons.


A stack that demonstrates serial communications, both sending and receiving. This will work on Mac or Windows. For Macs, you need an adapter that allows one of it's ports to be configured as a serial port. Any USB-serial adapter seems to work. The latest version allows you to set the termination characters for sending and receiving.


Stack with library for communicating with an SMTP server and a sample stack showing how to use this library.


In my HyperCard days, I got a lot of useful information from an AOL conference scripting stack that discussed various ways to speed up HyperCard. Here is my attempt to provide a similar service for Revolution programmers.

StackDock Plugin

Clickable interface for easy access commonly used stacks. Add stack files to the "dock" by choosing a file, or by selecting from a list of open files.

StackStarter Plugin

This plugin is designed to allow you to set non-plugin stacks to start when Revolution starts up. This is good for unattended operation, if you have Revolution set to launch on startup.

Starter Plugin

This plugin is designed to run whenever you start up Revolution, setting global properties or running script snippets to set up Revolution as you like it.


Quick access to system variables.

ToolTipper Plugin

This allows quick & easy allocation of tool tips to objects. Hover over any control and press Command/Control-backslash to see the existing tooltip. Edit it and click the "Set" button to set the tool tip instantly. A great timesaver when you want to do this for a lot of objects all at once. It can easily be altered to allow quick editing of any other property.


Uses the FreeBSD calendar files in Mac OS X to show what happened on this day... (Mac OS X only).


Stack demonstrating how to use the built in XML commands.


Live Code (Revolution) stacks






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