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Ubuntu package scripts for Plex Media Server
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Plex Media Server ubuntu package

What is this?

These are scripts that repackage binaries released by to a Ubuntu package.

What's good about them?

  • Automatically depends on avahi packages and ia32 libs.
  • Installs upstart scripts
  • Automatically creates a plex user that will run the server
  • It's much cleaner!

Who did this?

These are NOT OFFICIAL packages, rather made by Tobias Hieta, because I like to have things clean on my Ubuntu server.

How to use?

  • Get the Ubuntu Linux build of Plex Media Server from
  • Untar it alongside the debian directory.
  • Then rename PlexMediaServer- to src.
  • Run fakeroot dpkg-buildpackage -us -uc -b - This will get you a plexmediaserver-xx.deb in the parent directory
  • Install it with dpkg -i *deb

That's it!

Why can't I just get a .deb or a apt source?

I would love to, but 1. I don't have the official OK to redistribute the binaries, so I don't want that until that is sorted. 2. I am not sure how many downloads a .deb would get and since the files are pretty big, I am not sure that I have the available bandwidth for that.

Hopefully the Plex team will agree and we can work something out :-)

Have you tested this?

Yes, but only on ubuntu 10.04 LTS amd64. So I am not sure that it will work on other systems.

Where can I file bugs and see the scripts?

On github.

Details please!

OK! The debian package creates a new user called plex that runs the Plex Media Server. The Library folder can be found in /var/lib/plexmediaserver

The package also installs a upstart configuration file that will start PMS upon boot. It will also respawn if something goes wrong.

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