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C# implementation of NKN client
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C# implementation of NKN client.

Send and receive data between any NKN clients without setting up a server.

Note: This is a client version of the NKN protocol, which can send and receive data but not relay data (mining). For node implementation which can mine NKN token by relaying data, please refer to nkn.

Note: This repository is in the early development stage and may not have all functions working properly. It should be used only for testing now.


Create a client using an existing public key:

var client = new Client("02dfe490008ddc627a317ed319218e513e253a08b8988df5f536c1474b4d63c37f");

Or with an identifier (used to distinguish different clients sharing the same public key):

var client = new Client("02dfe490008ddc627a317ed319218e513e253a08b8988df5f536c1474b4d63c37f", "any string");

Get client public key pair:


By default the client will use bootstrap RPC server (for getting node address) provided by us. Any NKN full node can serve as a bootstrap RPC server. To create a client using customized bootstrap RPC server:

var client = new Client(
    options: new Client.Options
        RpcServerAddr = "https://ip:port"

Private key should be kept SECRET! Never put it in version control system like here.

Get client identifier:


And client NKN address, which is used to receive data from other clients:


Listen for connection established:

client.OnConnect += () =>
    Console.WriteLine("Connection opened.");

Send byte array to other clients:

client.Send("another client address", new byte[] {1, 2, 3, 4, 5});

Receive data from other clients:

// can also be async (src, data) => {}
client.OnMessage += (src, data) =>
    Console.WriteLine("Receive binary message from {0}: {1}", src, data);


Can I submit a bug, suggestion or feature request?

Yes. Please open an issue for that.

Can I contribute patches?

Yes, we appreciate your help! To make contributions, please fork the repo, push your changes to the forked repo with signed-off commits, and open a pull request here.

Please sign off your commit. This means adding a line "Signed-off-by: Name " at the end of each commit, indicating that you wrote the code and have the right to pass it on as an open source patch. This can be done automatically by adding -s when committing:

git commit -s


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