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Create Desktop Javascript Applications.

This documentation is for contributors to Tint.

Getting Started


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Compiling Tint


Ensure you have Xcode, OSX Mountain Lion, git and Python 2.6 (or 2.7).
mkdir tint
cd tint
git clone .
./ config
./ build
./ test


Ensure you have Visual Studio 2010 SP1 and WinSDK 7.0 (note problems occur with different WinSDK's and Visual Studio Systems), Windows 7, git and Python 2.6 (or 2.7). Building does not require (nor support) cygwin or other shell systems.

64-bit build (default)

mkdir tint
cd tint
git clone .
tools.bat config
tools.bat build
tools.bat test

32-bit build

mkdir tint
cd tint
git clone .
tools.bat config x86
tools.bat build x86
tools.bat test

Linux (In-Progress)

Ensure you have ninja-build, build-essential, libgirepository1.0-dev, systemtap-sdt-dev, libgtk-3-dev and clang installed (e.g., using apt-get.)

GTK (Ubuntu) 64-bit build (default)

mkdir tint
cd tint
git clone .
./ config
./ build
./ test

You can also use clean to clean the build, or build debug for a debug build (these commands also work on tools.bat)


After building you'll find the binary in ``build/xcode/Release/tint`` or ``build\msvs\Release\tint.exe``. You can also use the Xcode project files or MSVS 2010 files in ``build\xcode`` and ``build\msvs``. Optionally you can use ninja build files that are generated in ``build/ninja/out/Release`` and ``build/ninja/out/Debug`` on posix (OSX only at the moment).

Troubleshooting Builds

If you have issues compiling ensure you're using Python 2.7 or 2.6 (``./ config`` (``tools.bat config`` on Windows) will print out the python version it plans to use). In addition ensure your CC environment variable is set to Xcode's built in clang and not an alternate GCC version. Use ``echo $PYTHON`` (``echo %PYTHON%`` on Windows) and ``echo $CC`` (``echo %CC%`` on Windows) to check to see if any of these are set to alternate versions.

On OSX some third-party utility systems such as brew may overwrite these to values that are not compatible with OSX Xcode/clang builds. If you're still having issues you can build using the Xcode project files in ./build/xcode/ directory.


Tint relies on these amazing open source projects. Check them out.


Tint is licensed under the MIT license.

For the latest updates/news

Commercial support available at

Copyright © 2016 True Interactions

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