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Welcome to Smuganizer! This program serves two purposes:

  1. To allow you to view and modify your existing SmugMug gallery.
  2. To allow you to import images from Menalto Gallery in a safe, rational way.

Hopefully you will find that this program is easy to use - try right-clicking on any of the tree items, or using the menus. You can also drag images and albums around the tree. Smuganizer will make all your changes instantly, on your site.

You can also import images from an existing Gallery site (assuming you have login access). Check out the "Import" menu. Note that this feature was the original inspiration for this program, because the other programs available are too simplistic to successfully import a large gallery.

The hard part about importing a large image gallery from Menalto Gallery is that Menalto Gallery allows unlimited nesting of albums within albums, and also allows images and sub-albums within the same album. SmugMug, on the other hand, has a fairly rigid structure that you are forced to use, that isn't as flexible. Specifically, they have three concepts: Category (and Subcategory), Album, and Image. Images can only be in Albums, which can only be in Categories, and you must always have at least one category for all your albums. So there is no way to include one Album in another, or to include Images alongside subalbums, or to nest images more than three levels deep in hierarchy. This causes a significant problem if you are trying to import a gallery with more than three levels (Category->Subcategory->Album) of images, or that mixes images and albums together within a single album.

The whole idea behind Smuganizer is that it helps you sort out these issues before you actually import all your images into SmugMug. Specifically, when you use the Import feature, Smuganizer will warn you about any unexpected consequences, and give you the chance to rearrange the final destination of all your images, before starting the import.


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