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Clean and lightweight cross-chain transaction API
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Block Atlas by Trust Wallet

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Clean explorer API and events observer for crypto currencies.

Supported Coins


Quick start

Deploy it in less than 30 seconds!


  • GO 1.12+
  • Locally running Redis or url to remote instance (required for Observer only)

From Source (Go Toolchain required)

go get -u
cd blockatlas

// Start API server
go build -o blockatlas ./cmd && ./blockatlas api

//Start Observer
go build -o blockatlas ./cmd && ./blockatlas observer


Using Docker Hub:

docker run -it -p 8420:8420 trustwallet/blockatlas

Build and run from local Dockerfile: docker build -t blockatlas . docker run -p 8420:8420 blockatlas


  • Setup Redis
brew install redis // Install Redis using Homebrew
ln -sfv /usr/local/opt/redis/*.plist ~/Library/LaunchAgents  // Enable Redis autostart
  • Running in the IDE ( GoLand )
  1. Run
  2. Edit configuration
  3. New Go build configuration
  4. Select directory as configuration type
  5. Set api as program argument and -i as Go tools argument


Supported platforms



Block Atlas can run just fine without configuration.

If you want to use custom RPC endpoints, or enable coins without public RPC (like Nimiq), you can configure Block Atlas over config.yml or environment variables.

Config File

By default, config.yml is loaded from the working directory.

Example (config.yml):

  api: http://localhost:8648


The rest gets loaded from the environment variables. Every config option is available under the ATLAS_ prefix.


ATLAS_NIMIQ_API=http://localhost:8648 \



To run the unit tests: make test


All integration tests are generated automatically. You only need to set the environment to your coin in the config file. The tests use a different build constraint, named integration.

To run the integration tests: make integration

or you can run manually: TEST_CONFIG=$(TEST_CONFIG) TEST_COINS=$(TEST_COINS) go test -tags=integration -v ./pkg/integration

  • If you need to change the parameters used in our tests, update the file pkg/integration/testdata/fixtures.json

  • To exclude an API from integration tests, you need to add the route inside the file pkg/integration/testdata/exclude.json




Use the package pkg/logger for logs.


  • Log message: logger.Info("Loading Observer API")

  • Log message with params: logger.Info("Running application", logger.Params{"bind": bind})

  • Fatal with error: logger.Fatal("Application failed", err)

  • The method parameters don't have a sort. You just need to pass them to the method: logger.Fatal(err, "Application failed")

  • Create a simple error log: logger.Error(err)

  • Create an error log with a message: logger.Error("Failed to initialize API", err)

  • Create an error log, with error, message, and params:

p := logger.Params{
	"platform": handle,
	"coin":     platform.Coin(),
err := platform.Init()
if err != nil {
	logger.Error("Failed to initialize API", err, p)
  • Debug log: logger.Debug("Loading Observer API") or logger.Debug("Loading Observer API", logger.Params{"bind": bind})

  • Warning log: logger.Warn("Warning", err) or logger.Warn(err, "Warning") or logger.Warn("Warning", err, logger.Params{"bind": bind})



If you'd like to add support for a new blockchain, feel free to file a pull request. Note that most tokens that run on top of other chains are already supported and don't require code changes (e.g. ERC-20).

The best way to submit feedback and report bugs is to open a GitHub issue. Please be sure to include your operating system, version number, and steps to reproduce reported bugs.

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