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This is a Java library to generate and check trusty URIs (previously called hash-URIs). Trusty URIs contain cryptographic hash values that can be used to verify the respective content. See


See the examples.


The easiest way to use this library in your project is to let Maven download it from The Central Repository. Just include the following lines in your pom.xml file:



Maven is required to build and run this library:

$ mvn clean install

Run from Source

Run the following command to check a file or URL with a trusty URI:

$ scripts/ [FILE-OR-URL]

The following command adds a hash to a local file using module FA:

$ scripts/ [FILE]

To transform an RDF document, use this command (the second argument is optional):

$ scripts/ [FILE] [BASE-URI]

Run from JAR File

Alternatively, you can generate a single JAR file with the following command (the JAR file will show up in target/):

$ mvn compile assembly:single

Or you can download a prebuilt JAR file:

Then you can use the same commands as in the scripts/ directory as follows:

$ java -jar trustyuri-1.5-jar-with-dependencies.jar [COMMAND] [ARGS]

For example:

$ java -jar trustyuri-1.5-jar-with-dependencies.jar CheckFile


trustyuri-java is free software under the MIT License. See LICENSE.txt.