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A GitHub Issues searcher inspired by Hacktoberfest
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Issue Collab

Netlify Status

A search tool designed to help you find open source projects

Demo & Usage

  • Use the toggle switches to filter results. Optionally enter text keywords
  • Click a title to open the issue on GitHub in a new tab

ezgif com-video-to-gif


The idea for this project comes from wanting to find cool projects on GitHub but not being satisfied with GitHub's native search.

I began searching issues during Hacktoberfest (an annual event sponsored by Digital Ocean which encourages developers to get involved with open source. Make 5 PRs in a month and get a FREE T-shirt 👕).

Local Development

To run this project for local development if you have Node.js and NPM installed follow these steps in a terminal. The app will run on port 3000.

npm install
npm start

If you don't want to install Node.js and you have Docker present on your system, then just use the Dockerfile and the script that prepares the whole application in a separate container. The app will run on port 3000.



Thank you for your interest! All types of contributions welcome. HACK AWAY! 🔨🔨🔨

  • Fork and clone this repository
  • Create your branch from the development branch
  • Run npm run lint:fix to ensure correct formatting
  • Please open your PR with the development branch as the base
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