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UART to Telnet Server for ESP8266
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UART to Telnet Server for ESP8266

This is a basic UART to telnet server for the ESP8266. It adds a wireless control interface to the c't-Bot. It's tested with an ESP-01 board, but should work with most ESP8266 boards. This implementation is based on the WiFiTelnetToSerial example of the ESP8266 arduino framework and therefore licensed under the terms of the LGPLv2.1 license.


  1. install PlatformIO core as described here
  2. clone this git repository: git clone
  3. change to cloned repo: cd esp8266-telnet2uart
  4. initialize build system for...
    • commandline build: platformio init
    • VS Code project: platformio init --ide vscode
    • Eclipse CDT project: platformio init --ide eclipse
    • any other environment supported by PlatformIO


  1. create a config file
    1. copy to config.h
    2. fill in your wifi SSID in static const char* ssid = "YOUR_SSID";
    3. fill in your wifi password in static const char* password = "YOUR_PASSWORD";
  2. build the project
    • commandline: plaformio run
    • VS Code: use “Build” button on the PlatformIO toolbar or shortcut (ctrl/cmd+alt+b)
    • Eclipse CDT: Project -> Build Project or shortcut (ctrl/cmd+b)
    • note: you may need to adjust board = esp01 in platformio.ini](platformio.ini), if you don't use an esp-01 board
  3. upload firmware image
    1. connect the ESP8266 to a programmer (we assume an USB programmer)
    2. adjust upload_port = in platformio.ini as used by your programmer
      • ll /dev/cu* may help to find the correct device entry on a POSIX compatible OS
    3. start programming by
      • on commandline: platformio run -t upload
      • with VS Code: use “Upload” button on the PlatformIO toolbar or shortcut (ctrl/cmd+alt+t) and select "PlatformIO: Upload"
  4. use a telnet program to connect
    • telnet [IP or HOSTNAME OF YOUR ESP8266]


  • conventions:
    • indentation is done by 4 (four) spaces for each level, never ever use tabs (\t | HT)
    • source code formatting is done with clang-format, use .clang-format for style settings
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