Create a simple changelog based on GitHub activity
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GitHub Changelog Generator

Create a simple changelog based on closed GitHub issues.


npm install -g github-changelog


See gh-changelog --help for detailed usage.

Usage: gh-changelog [options]


  -h, --help                     output usage information
  -o, --owner <name>             Repository owner name (required).
  -r, --repo <repo>              Repository name (required).
  -t, --token <token>            Your GitHub token (required).
  -s, --since <iso-date-or-sha>  Initial date or commit sha (required).
  -u, --until <iso-date-or-sha>  Limit date or commit sha.
  -p, --template <path>          EJS template to format data.The default bundled template generates a list of issues in Markdown
  -g, --gist                     Publish output to a Github gist.
  -d, --data <data>              Set arbitrary JSON data available in the template.
  -j, --json                     Get output in JSON.


Create a new file listing issues closed in the my-username/my-repo repository since 2013-06-01.

gh-changelog --owner my-username --repo my-repo --since 2013-06-01 --token my-token >