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Something like Spirit of Half-Life. The intent is to add more features to the Half-Life SDK while better documenting the engine's features and maintaining the same style.

How to fork this without using GitHub's forking

$ # clone the repo

$ git clone --mirror

$ cd basis

$ # push the checkout of Basis into a repo that you have created

$ git push --mirror

$ # clone your repo

$ git clone

$ # note that similar steps are in update.bat too

$ # create a new remote that points to Basis

$ git remote add basis

$ # pull and merge the latest changes from Basis

$ git pull basis master

Compiling on Linux

$ sudo apt-get install gcc-multilib g++-multilib mesa-common-dev

$ cd linux

$ make

Setting up local development

$ # clone the repo

$ git clone

$ # create a new remote to link back to Valve's halflife repo

$ git remote add valve

$ # pull the latest changes from halflife

$ git pull valve master

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