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Export Bugzilla bugs to a TaskJuggler project
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Export Bugzilla bugs to a TaskJuggler project.


Export bugs to a TaskJuggler include file: MILESTONE [MILESTONE...]

This creates the files "bugzilla_flags.tji", "bugzilla_project.tji", "MILESTONE_resolved_tasks.tji", and "MILESTONE_open_tasks.tji". Import them as shown in the example project "bzexample.tjp":

project bzexample "Example" "1.0" 2012-05-01 2012-06-01 {
  include "bugzilla_project.tji"

# Flag declarations.
include "bugzilla_flags.tji"

# Resource definitions.
# Define Bugzilla users here.
resource tjefferson "Thomas Jefferson" { }

# Include the tasks exported from Bugzilla
task resolved_tasks "Resolved Tasks" { }
include "bzexample_resolved_tasks.tji" { taskprefix resolved_tasks }
task open_tasks "Open Tasks" {
  start 2012-05-01
include "bzexample_open_tasks.tji" { taskprefix open_tasks }

# Charts

Bugzilla Assumptions

This script makes some assumptions regarding your Bugzilla installation.

  1. The database is MySQL.
  2. Grouping bugs all have a common description prefix. The default prefix is "META: ". Bugs that are part of a group are made into subtasks of that group.
  3. Not all bugs will have an time estimate. Those bugs are flagged and assigned a default effort.
  4. The set of priority values is ["P1", "P2", "P3", "P4", "P5"].
  5. The lowest bug priority of "P5" means that the bug is not prioritized. Those bugs are flagged.
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