A demo Music Store with Eclipse Vert.x and RxJava2
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The Music Store

A demo Music Store with Eclipse Vert.x and RxJava

Welcome Page
Album page


If you only want to try the application without modifying it, run the build and start the components with docker-compose.

mvn clean package
docker-compose up

When all components are up browse to http://localhost:8080.

Otherwise start each component individually.

The Postgres database

docker run --rm --name musicstore-db -e POSTGRES_USER=music -e POSTGRES_PASSWORD=music -e POSTGRES_DB=musicdb -p 5432:5432 postgres

The MongoDB server

docker run --rm --name musicstore-mongo -p 27017:27017 mongo


  • Do one time build to pull the dependencies mvn clean install

  • To run the application in foreground do mvn vertx:run with redeploy enabled

  • To run the applicaiton in background mode i.e. vertx start do mvn vertx:start

Check vertx-maven-plugin for more information and examples on the plugin.

Useful stuff

Initial dataset

The initial dataset has been created with the initdb.groovy script located at the project root. It parses a Rhythmbox database file and inserts the data into Postgres.

Then it’s easy to create a script for Flyway.

docker exec musicstore-db pg_dump -a --inserts --exclude-table=schema_version -h -U music musicdb > src/main/resources/db/migration/V2__InsertData.sql