To get all the tamil words from the tamil wikipedia
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Extract all words from tamil wikipedia dump.

Get the wikipedia dump from the following url


extract it using the following command.

bunzip2 tawiki-latest-pages-articles.xml.tar.bz2

To remove all english charecters
tr  [:graph:]  ' ' < tawiki-latest-pages-articles.xml >
To remove all symbols
tr  "\012\015\041\042\043\044\045\046\047\050\051\053\054\055\056\057\060\061\062\06<200c><200b>3\064\065\066\067\070\071\073\074\075\076\077\100\101\102\103\104\105\106\107\110\<200c><200b>111\112\113\114\115\116\117\120\121\122\123\124\125\126\127\130\131\132\133\135\1<200c><200b>40\173\174\175" '\n' < > all.tr1
To remove leading spaces and blank lines
cat all.tr1 | sed -e 's/^[ \t]*//' | grep -v ^$ > all.trim
shell script to seperate the words
for WORD in `cat all.trim` 
    echo $WORD 

Run the script

sh ./ > words
Get unique tamil words script searches for only tamil words and stores the unique tamil words to the file 'only_uniq_tamil_words.txt'

count the number of words available
wc -l only_uniq_tamil_words.txt
1197913 only_uniq_tamil_words.txt

Now you can delete all the temporary files, all.tr1, all.trim, words and tawiki-latest-pages-articles.xml

sort the words

If you want to sort the words, run the below command.

sort only_uniq_tamil_words.txt > only_tamil_uniq_sorted_words.txt

This will sort the words and store in the file sorted_words.txt