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git authorship

Usage: git authorship [<options>] [<revision>] [-- <paths...>]

Summarizes authorship of a repository by the current number of lines.

This is a more fine-grained version of git shortlog -ns, which counts commits instead of lines.

Provide a revision to use a specific point-in-time instead of the current HEAD. Provide paths to limit to a set of files or directories. You may exclude certain paths by prefixing them with a ! (bang). Note that paths are actually basic globs as interpreted by git ls-tree and bash pattern matching.

Any options provided are passed to git blame, although only one makes sense:

-w    ignore whitespace when tracing the origins of lines

This is useful to avoid attributing whitespace-only changes to people.


Copy git-authorship into your PATH anywhere you'd like, or run

make install

to copy it into /usr/local/bin. You can run

make install prefix=$HOME

to put it in $HOME/bin, if you'd prefer.