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Steampunk Clock for Flutter Clock contest

This project is one of the winning submissions in Google's & Lenovo dev/design contest, called "Flutter Clock" (with over 850 valid entries from around the world). You can read more about this contest here:

Steampunk Clock Visualization

I've made a analog clock variant, with look and feel of, late 18 or early 19 century. This is mainly design contest, so, there is a lot of details and animations inside, made with Rive (ex Flare) tool.

Note: design is screen size independent, because all the graphics is made in vectors (not bitmaps), but I have prepared it with 4-6' screen size in mind (so as big as Lenovo's Smart Clock display).

It has a light theme and a dark theme, cuckoo bird, four easter eggs and displays sample weather and temperature data, provided from Flutter Clock Helper package. App works on all platforms that Flutter offers and fully covered with tests. You can watch a preview video of it (with main functionality highlight) here:

Steampunk Flutter ClockVimeo or YouTube

  • For more information, see the inside analog_clock.
  • For more info about handmade vector assets, used in Rive animations, please, take a look at vector_assets folder.

In each of these two folders, there are additional videos of the animations preparation or the actual app launch on real devices.

  • For Flutter Clock Helper code, see inside untouched* flutter_clock_helper folder, in this GitHub repo.

* only updated the code to null-safety and moved Google's LICENSE file there, since that is their code.