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[#####] Lua UTF8 limited support in pure lua script
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test.utf8.lua utf8 initial release
utf8.lua utf8 initial release


Lua UTF8 support in pure lua script

Current Status

The module emulate the string capabilities

  • ok string.byte
  • ok string.char
  • ok string.dump
  • missing string.find
  • ok string.format
  • missing string.gmatch
  • missing string.gsub
  • ok string.len
  • ok string.lower (*)
  • missing string.match
  • ok string.rep
  • ok string.reverse
  • ok string.sub
  • ok string.upper (*)

(*) don't thread Unicode, only ascii upper/lower cases.

Sample of use

local u = require("utf8")

local data = "àbcdéêèf"
local udata = u(data)

print(type(data), data)   -- the orignal
print(type(udata), udata) -- automatic convertion to string

print(#data)  -- is not the good number of printed characters on screen
print(#udata) -- is the number of printed characters on screen

print(udata:sub(4,5)) -- be able to use the sub() like a string


  • See all other utf8 implementation
  • Try to follow the lua5.3's utf8 API
  • ...


My code is under MIT License

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