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@github-actions github-actions released this 24 Apr 05:08

lnav v0.12.2


  • Added mouse support that can be toggled with F2 or enabled
    by default with: :config /ui/mouse/mode enabled. With
    mouse support enabled, many of the UI elements will respond to
    mouse inputs:

    • clicking on the main view will move the cursor to the given
      row and dragging will scroll the view as needed;
    • shift + clicking/dragging in the main view will highlight
      lines and then toggle their bookmark status on release;
    • double-clicking in the main view will select the underlying
      text and drag-selecting within a line will select the given
    • when double-clicking text: if the mouse pointer is inside
      a quoted string, the contents of the string will be selected;
      if the mouse pointer is on the quote, the quote will be included
      in the selection; if the mouse pointer is over a bracket
      (e.g. [],{},()) where the matching bracket is on the same line,
      the selection will span from one bracket to the other;
    • when text is selected, a menu will pop up that can be used
      to filter based on the current text, search for it, or copy
      it to the clipboard;
    • right-clicking the start of a log message in the main view
      will open the parser details overlay;
    • the parser details now displays a diamond next to fields to
      indicate whether they are shown/hidden and this can be
      clicked to toggle the state;
    • the parser details will show a bar chart icon for fields with
      values which, when clicked, will open either the spectrogram
      view for the given field or open the DB query prompt with a
      PRQL query to generate a histogram of the field values;
    • clicking in the scroll area will move the view by a page,
      double-clicking will move the view to that area, and
      dragging the scrollbar will move the view to the given spot;
    • clicking on the breadcrumb bar will select a crumb and
      selecting a possibility from the popup will move to that
      location in the view;
    • clicking on portions of the bottom status bar will trigger
      a relevant action (e.g. clicking the line number will open
      the command prompt with :goto <current-line>);
    • clicking on the configuration panel tabs (i.e. Files/Filters)
      will open the selected panel and clicking parts of the
      display in there will perform the relevant action (e.g.
      clicking the diamond will enable/disable the file/filter);
    • clicking in a prompt will move the cursor to the location;
    • clicking on a column in the spectrogram view will select it.

    (Note that this is new work, so there are likely to be some

  • Added a journald:// URL handler that will call journalctl
    and pass any query parameters as options. For example, the
    following command:

    $ lnav 'journal://?since=yesterday'

    Will execute the following and capture the output:

    journalctl --output=json -f --since=yesterday
  • Added the "last-word" line-format field shortening algorithm
    from @flicus.

  • Added a stats.hist PRQL transform that produces a histogram
    of values over time.

  • The preview for the :open command will now show a listing
    of archive contents.

  • Added humanize_id SQL function that colorizes a string using
    ANSI escape codes.

  • Added a selected_text column to the lnav_views table that
    reports information about text that was selected with a mouse.
    This makes it possible to script operations that use the
    selected text as an input.

  • Added breadcrumb as an option to the :prompt command so
    that the breadcrumb hotkey can be configured.

Interface changes:

  • The bar charts in the DB view have now been moved to their
    individual columns instead of occupying the whole width of
    the view. The result is much cleaner, so the charts are
    now enabled by default again.

  • Cursor mode in the main view is now the default instead of
    using the top line as the focus. You can change back by

    :config /ui/movement/mode top

  • In the parser details panel (opened by pressing p), you
    can now hide/show fields by moving the cursor line to the
    given field and pressing the space bar or by clicking on
    the diamond with the mouse.

  • The sv keymap binds § to focus the breadcrumb bar.

Bug Fixes:

  • With the recent xz backdoor shenanigans, it seems like a good
    time to add some checks for data being hidden by escape codes:
    • File names with escape sequences are now displayed in quotes
      with backslash escapes.
    • Text that has the same foreground and background colors will
      have the background set to a contrasting color.
  • Sub-millisecond time values should now be preserved when
    displaying JSON-lines logs.
  • A crash during initialization on Apple Silicon and MacOS 12
    has been fixed.
  • A crash when previewing non-text files.
  • Optimized ANSI-escape processing.
  • Various fixes to make lnav usable as a PAGER.