@tsujan tsujan released this Oct 8, 2018 · 23 commits to master since this release

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Changes since the last release:

● The window title is set to the whole file path, including the file name.
● The line number strip is enhanced.
● Tab switch shortcuts can be customized now.
● The warning bar is shown as a translucent layer over the tab widget with animation.
● A shortcut is added for activating the last active tab.
● "gio" is tried first for opening hyperlinks because Qt may resort to "xdg-open", which isn't always a good choice.
● A workaround is added for a new bug in KDE's file dialog.
● Compilation without X11 is possible with qmake WITHOUT_X11=YES. Also, Haiku OS is supported.
● Several fixes and improvements.

@tsujan tsujan released this May 22, 2018 · 80 commits to master since this release

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New in this release (among other things):

● The default highlighter is always enabled for normal texts.
● The search bar is equipped with a tab-specific history popup.
● Problems in text tabulation are fixed and an option is added for text tab size in terms of spaces.
● "To Upper Case" and "To Lower Case" are added as menu-items with customizable shortcuts.
● Shortcuts are added for moving line(s) upward and downward.
● The useless option for restoring recent files is changed to an option for restoring the last window files.
● The previously missing overwrite mode is added. It is toggled by pressing the Insert key.
● An option is added for saving unmodified files (useful under some circumstances).
● An option is added for closing a window on closing its last tab.
● The window title is set to the tab path.
● Command-line options are added for cursor position.
● Thick text cursor is supported.
● An option is added to not permit opening of non-text files.
● The number of pages is added to tab/side-item context menu as a label.
● A regression is fixed in recognizing special files (like ".bashrc").
● The line numbers strip is improved and the current line highlighter is made much milder.
● Turkish and German translations are added and other translations are made better.


@tsujan tsujan released this Mar 29, 2018 · 162 commits to master since this release

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Among many changes in this release:

● The new hard-coded symbolic SVG icons change color to have high contrast with their backgrounds. Using them instead of system icons is recommended.
● Auto-saving of opened files is supported.
● An option is added for showing the cursor position on the status-bar.
● Syntax override is supported with an optional language button on the status bar.
● An option is added for showing vertical position lines.
● Now, a default URL syntax highlighter will be present if line/doc ends or position lines are shown and the syntax is highlighted by default.
● A configurable date and time pasting is added.
● Now, it's possible to open hyperlinks of highlighted texts by left-clicking them while Ctrl is pressed and also with an item in their context menus.
● An option is added for removing trailing spaces on saving.
● Undo/Redo is included in custom shortcuts.
● The search bar is made more compact.
● The warning bar is made better.
● For more stability, a lock file is used instead of QSharedMemory for creating a single instance app.
QRegExp is replaced by QRegularExpression everywhere (for more powerful regex handling).
fpad is added as the symlink to featherpad (for easier command-line usage).
● SCSS is added to syntax highlighting.
● Syntax highlighting is made better.
● A Translators tab is added to the About dialog.
● Several small issues are fixed here and there.

My sincerest thanks go to all users who made these changes possible with their good reports -- especially to @agaida, who lifted FeatherPad to a higher level with his comments.

P.S. No deb package is attached for Ubuntu LTS because the Ubuntu community will make it.


@tsujan tsujan released this Jan 17, 2018 · 244 commits to master since this release

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Changes since the previous release:

● Now, there is a side-pane mode, which can be activated by its shortcut/menu-item or used by default. It has filtering and other properties not existing in the tab mode.
● Save the cursor positions for files managed by the session dialog.
● An option to save a session only from the current window.
● Opened symlinks are distinguished visually and there are tab context menu-items specificaly for them (thanks to "agaida" at GitHub for the idea).
● Handling of huge files/lines as well as non-text files. They are opened read-only and cannot be modified/saved.
● Much faster HTML and CSS syntax highlighting.
● French translation by Cyril Cottet.
● Many bug fixes and also some workarounds for Qt bugs.

@tsujan tsujan released this Oct 28, 2017 · 295 commits to master since this release

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V0.6.3 is released mainly because it includes a workaround for setting font under GTK DEs (or DEs without a Qt5 plugin).

However, inertial wheel scrolling is also added as an option.

@tsujan tsujan released this Oct 22, 2017 · 300 commits to master since this release

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This release is mostly about fixing 2 issues in the previous release: a small bug in syntax highlighting and two typos that caused bad bugs in the session dialog.

Also, play lists are added to syntax highlighting. The Danish translation is updated by scootergrisen too.

@tsujan tsujan released this Oct 17, 2017 · 305 commits to master since this release

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Changes since the previous release:

● A Shortcut editor is added to the Preferences dialog for those actions whose shortcuts can be changed safely.
● Multi-line indentation and de-indentation.
● Auto-bracket support.
● Optional showing of whitespaces and line/document ends with syntax highlighting.
● Support Shift+Enter.
● Several improvements in syntax highlighting.
● Better detection of encodings.
● Warning-bar instead of message box.
● An option to use native file dialogs.
● Restoration of the scrollbar position after reloading.
● Filtering for the session manager dialog.
● Additional workarounds for some Qt bugs.
● Many fixes, modifications and improvements.


@tsujan tsujan released this Apr 26, 2017 · 379 commits to master since this release

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Changes from the previous release:

● "Recently Modified" or "Recently Opened" submenu;
● Support for starting a session with a number of recently modified/opened files;
● Session management (saving/restoring sessions without limit);
● Support for running executable script files;
● Independent search parameters for each tab and preserving search history on switching tabs;
● Hidable menubar;
● An option for the color value of the background;
● Workaround for Qt's backward search bug;
● Text zooming with Ctrl+wheel;
● An option to ensure an empty last line on saving;
● An option for tab navigation with keyboard to wrap around;
● Workarounds for some KDE bugs;
● FreeBSD support;
● Translation support;
● A preliminary wayland support;

And many fixes/modifications/enhancements.

@tsujan tsujan released this Oct 15, 2016 · 474 commits to master since this release

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Changes from V0.5.7:

● Syntax highlighting is much faster and less CPU-intensive for heavy files.
● Tab drag-and-drop is made independent from X11.
● A bug about opening multiple files is fixed.
● Also some other features and options are added and some optimizations are made here and there.
● A few issues are found and fixed.