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Releases: tsujan/FeatherPad


18 Apr 08:25
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Main changes:

● An option has been added for showing the window title on the menu-bar.
application/x-zerosize is associated to FeatherPad by default, alongside text/plain (because of a change in GLib).
● The recent files menu shows icons where possible.
● The side-pane can be focused by Ctrl+Escape.
text/plain;charset=... is recognized as plain text when pasted (Qt didn't see it as plain text).
● The file type filters of file dialogs are protected against incorrect translations.


08 Jan 13:16
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Grouped files are always opened in a single window, even when the app is configured to open files in separate windows.


● Tab DND is enabled under Wayland.
● A total item deselection is prevented in the side-pane with Qt6 (Qt5 had no problem).
● Side-pane and session buttons have been added to the tool-bar.


29 Nov 19:30
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A potential cause of crash is removed (by initializing the variables of TextEdit and TabBar before any event is triggered).


● The Paste item of the Edit menu is enabled/disabled appropriately.
● The single quote is covered as the digit separator in C++(≥14) syntax highlighting.
● Enabled instant tooltips and corrected context menus on Wayland.


07 Oct 23:12
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A crash on pasting empty clipboard is fixed. The fix can be seen as a workaround because the root cause is in Qt.


● Silenced the compilation warnings with Qt 6.4.
● Covered indented here-docs in Bash and Perl syntax highlighting.


12 Sep 17:32
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Lack of prompt dialog on closing Qt6-based FeatherPad under Wayland is fixed (the problem was caused by a bug in Qt6).


● The Unix signal handling is revamped.
● Instant tab tooltips are replaced by ordinary ones under Wayland (because Wayland compositors have problem with instant tooltips of inactive windows).
● Toml syntax highlighting is added.
● The detection of legacy encodings has been totally removed with Qt6.


03 Aug 04:42
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D-Bus is used — instead of the old, network-based method — for making the app have a single process. D-Bus is faster, more versatile, and much more reliable, especially under extreme circumstances.

FeatherPad still works under non-Linux systems without D-Bus, but as a multi-process app.

Other changes:

● The qmake compilation has been removed. Its maintenance wasn't justified, especially with D-Bus.
● A workaround has been added for a Qt5 bug that caused a crash if SIGTERM was sent while the replacement dock was visible. The bug doesn't exist in Qt6.


15 Jun 17:02
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Main changes:

● An option is added for using system icons where possible.
● Small problems in restoring of window size, state and position are fixed.
● Automatic scrolling to current item is fixed in the side-pane mode.
● Qt6's reaction to SIGTERM is fixed.
● Prevented a high CPU usage with selection highlighting when a huge amount of text is selected.
● Fixes and enhancements to Yaml and CMake syntax highlighting.
● Center page numbers horizontally when printing.


23 Apr 15:17
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Main changes:

● Try the file manager DBus interface when opening the containing folder (from the right-click menu of tab or side-pane item). In this way, it may be possible to select and scroll to the file.
● Restore the view position on reloading, as precisely as possible.
● Fixed searching in unusually large documents.
● Select the text between spaces with Ctrl + double click. (See Help → Multiple Clicks.)
● Added Rust syntax highlighting.
● Fixes and enhancement to XML and QML syntax highlighting.
● Bumped the minimum required version of Qt5 to 5.15.0.
● With Qt6, hide encodings that are not supported by Qt6.


07 Jan 09:50
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Main changes in this point release:

● Fixed highlighting of Markdown's single-line codes with multiple back-quotes.
● Prevented a rare hang-like behavior with some malformed XML documents.
● Fixed the positions of instant tab tool-tips with Qt6.


22 Dec 05:21
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Main changes:

● A problem is fixed in saving with UTF-16.
● A very rare stack overflow is prevented when matching brackets in huge files.
● The maximum number of recent files is increased to 50.
● Added Tcl syntax highlighting.
● Lots of keywords are added to syntax highlighting for various programming languages.
● Fixes and improvements to XML and Lua syntax highlighting.
● Enabled experimental compilation against Qt6 (→ INSTALL). The default cmake compilation is still against Qt5.