Includes Gradle build files for jBPM Business Applications
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jBPM Business Applications - Gradle Build

Gradle build files for jBPM Business Applications generated via

Why is this needed

By default generated jBPM Business Applications are built with Apache Maven. This gives the ability for Gradle users to build and launch your jBPM business apps.


  1. Generate your jBPM Business Application via
  2. Make sure you have Gradle installed. For more info visit

Using Gradle build files:

build.gradle and settings.gradle

Independent of your OS, these two file need to be added to your jBPM Business Application service module root directory.

Before you can start using build.gradle, set the following info to the same ones used in your pom.xml file of the service module.

So below, replace KIE_VERSION, GROUP_ID, ARTIFACT_ID, and VERSION with the same defined in pom.xml:

kieVersion = 'KIE_VERSION'
my_groupId = 'GROUP_ID'
my_artifactId = 'ARTIFACT_ID'
my_version = 'VERSION'

Before you can start using settings.gradle. set the artifactId to the same as defined in your pom.xml file of the service module.

So below, replace ARTIFACT_ID with the same defined in pom.xml: = 'ARTIFACT_ID'

With these two small changes you can now build your service module with the following command:

gradle build install

and start your jBPM business app with:

java -jar build/libs/YOUR_APP_NAME-VERSION.jar

where YOUR_APP_NAME-VERSION is the actual name of the jar file generated for your business application, so for example:

java -jar build/lib/business-application-service-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar

Note that this build script will only build your service module. In order to build your business apps kjar and model modules and start your app automatically, you will also need the build scripts described below.

Build scripts (Unix OSX Windows)

Depending on your OS you will need to copy the below described build scripts to your service module of the jBPM business app:

  1. (Unix / OSX)
  2. (Unix / OSX)
  3. gradle.bat (Windows)
  4. gradle-dev.bat (Windows)

These scripts will build your entire business app (the kjar, model, and service modules), as well as start it for you (note the -dev scripts will launch your app in dev mode). So for example:

./ build install

for Unix / OSX or:

gradle.bat build install

for Windows