tsuru service API for on demand web application monitoring.
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This project is a http API to abstract healthcheck operations, like verify if a web application is working fine and notify to some users if some of this applications are in trouble.

supported backends:


  • API_URL - the api base url
  • API_DEBUG - enables the debug mode

zabbix backend

  • ZABBIX_URL - the zabbix api endpoint
  • ZABBIX_USER - zabbix user
  • ZABBIX_PASSWORD - zabbix password
  • ZABBIX_HOST_GROUP - host group used to create the web monitoring
  • ZABBIX_HOST - host used to create the web monitoring



installing healthcheck tsuru plugin

tsuru plugin-install hc /plugin

using healtch tsuru plugin

creating a new healtcheck

$ tsuru service-instance-add <healthcheck-service> <healthcheck-name>

removing a healthcheck

$ tsuru service-instance-remove <healthcheck-service> <healthcheck-name>

adding a new url to be monitored

$ tsuru hc add-url <healthcheck-name> <url> [expected string]

removing a url

$ tsuru hc remove-url <healthcheck-name> <url>

adding a new watcher

$ tsuru hc add-watcher <healthcheck-name> <email>

removing a watcher

$ tsuru hc remove-watcher <healthcheck-name> <email>


Pull requests are very welcomed! Make sure your patches are well tested.

Running tests

If you are using a virtualenv, all you need is:

$ make test