Yet another script to install Tsuru and its dependencies.
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now script will be deprecated soon and the installation with the purpose of test tsuru and/or for development, you can use installer to have tsuru up and running. Installer is an experimental feature.

Tsuru Now

Yet another script to install tsuru and its dependencies on Ubuntu or Debian distros.

These are some goals for this project:

  • It should run without interaction and deliver a working environment;
  • It shouldn't be a problem to run the script multiple times on the same machine;
  • It should work on existing machines that might already have some components installed;
  • It should allow parameters to install a single role:
    • API node
    • Docker node
    • Load balancer node
  • A web UI to automatically run it on EC2 instances

Note: This scripts works only on Debian or Ubuntu distros, isn't supported to run on CentOS/RHEL.


Running the command below should already create a working tsuru environment:

curl -sL | bash

Advanced Usage

With Tsuru Now, you can build your own tsuru cluster easily.

Building a cluster server

curl -sL | bash -s -- --template server

Building a client connected to the server

Assume the IP address of the cluster server is

curl -sL | bash -s -- --template client --private-ip

Building a docker node controlled by the server

Assume the IP address of the cluster server is

curl -sL | bash -s -- --template dockerfarm --private-ip