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Open source, extensible and Docker-based Platform as a Service (PaaS).
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Godeps godeps: update mgo to fix go1.5 resolver issue
action action: add onerror callback to actions
api api,app,provision: send unit including name to SetUnitStatus
app api,app,provision: send unit including name to SetUnitStatus
auth api,app,auth: fix app token removal on app-remove
cmd cmd: modified message when command does not exist
db all: simplify some operations
docs docs/releases/tsurud: fix errors in 0.12.0 notes
errors update license in updated files
etc docs: remove references to deprecated docker:servers config
exec update license in updated files
fs fs/fstest: fix behavior for partial writes in FakeFile
git git: use filepath instead of path for joining paths
hc hc: gofmt
iaas Godeps, iaas/ec2: update aws-sdk-go
io update copyright year
log cmd: rename tsr to tsurud
migration cmd: rename tsr to tsurud
misc cmd: rename tsr to tsurud
provision provision/docker: unit status using unit name if id isnt found
queue queue: allow setting queue polling interval
quota update license in updated files
rec rec/rectest: simplify logic and ensure the query runs at least once
repository repository: add support for updating keys in the Manager interface
router router: add func to check if a router is swapped
safe safe: description improvement
service app,provision,service: rename Unit GetName to GetID
tsurutest tsurutest: prevent inner goroutine from running forever
validation update license in updated files
.gitignore cmd: rename tsr to tsurud
.travis.yml try to see what more info about memory usage
AUTHORS authors, contributors: add Richard Knop
CONTRIBUTORS contributors: add contributor
LICENSE license: update year in copyright note
Makefile cmd: rename tsr to tsurud readme: link to stable instead of latest in docs check-fmt: update toosl path
requirements.txt requirements: update sphinx and sphinx theme


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What is tsuru?

tsuru is an extensible and open source Platform as a Service (PaaS) that makes application deployments faster and easier. tsuru is an open source polyglot cloud application platform (PaaS). With tsuru, you don’t need to think about servers at all. As an application developer, you can:

  • Write apps in the programming language of your choice,
  • Back apps with add-on resources such as SQL and NoSQL databases, including memcached, redis, and many others.
  • Manage apps using the tsuru command-line tool
  • Deploy apps using the Git revision control system


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