Pinterest like layout components for React.js
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Pinterest like layout components for React.js.

Live Demo



You can install the react-stack-grid from npm.

$ npm install react-stack-grid

Quick Example

Following code is simplest usage.

import React, { Component } from "react-stack-grid";
import StackGrid from "react-stack-grid";

class MyComponent extends Component {
  render() {
    return (
        <div key="key1">Item 1</div>
        <div key="key2">Item 2</div>
        <div key="key3">Item 3</div>

width of parent is managed by react-sizeme.


You can set the following properties.

Property Type Default Description
className PropTypes.string undefined Specify className of component.
style PropTypes.object {} Original style of component. Following styles are ignored. (position, height, transition)
component PropTypes.string "div" See ReactTransitionGroup
columnWidth PropTypes.oneOfType([PropTypes.number, PropTypes.string]) 150 Specify column width as an number(px), or percentage string. (Example "33.33%")
gutterWidth PropTypes.number 5 Specify gutter width as an number.
gutterHeight PropTypes.number 5 Specify gutter height as an number.
duration PropTypes.number 480 Specify duration of animation in ms.
easing PropTypes.string easings.quartOut Specify a css valid transition-timing-function string. It can be easily specification by using easings.
appearDelay PropTypes.number 30 Specify delay of the initial animation in ms.
appear PropTypes.func fadeUp.appear See Animations section.
appeared PropTypes.func fadeUp.appear ...
enter PropTypes.func fadeUp.appear ...
entered PropTypes.func fadeUp.appear ...
leaved PropTypes.func fadeUp.appear ...
units PropTypes.func { length: "px", angle: "deg" } ...
monitorImagesLoaded PropTypes.bool false If set to true, images reading is monitored. use imagesloaded.
vendorPrefix PropTypes.bool false If set to true, add a vendor prefix to styles add dynamically.
userAgent PropTypes.string undefined Specify userAgent for determinig the vendor prefix. See inline-style-prefixer.


The following function must return styles related to animation.
See ReactTransitionGroup for details.

  • appear
  • appeared
  • enter
  • entered
  • leaved

You can use extended syntax for transform's style. For example properties like translateX andscale.
See easy-css-transform-builder.

Each function is given the following arguments.

  • rect: { top: number; left: number; width: number; height: number; }
  • containerSize: { width: number; height: number; }
  • index: number

It is easiest to use them because you have several presets.

  • fade
  • fadeDown
  • fadeUp
  • scaleDown
  • scaleUp
  • flip
  • helix

It's an actual use example.

import StackGrid, { transitions } from "react-stack-grid";

const { scaleDown } = transitions;

class MyComponent extends Component {
  render() {
    return (

Please try actual demonstration in live demo.


Performance when using images

When true is specified for monitorImagesLoaded, reloading occurs when the image loading is completed.
If you know the size in advance, specify monitorImagesLoaded as false.

When animation is unnecessary

By default animation is enabled.
If it's not necessary, specify 0 for duration property.



  • Support % columnWidth.



Released under the MIT Licence






Initialization of the project.

$ cd /your/project/dir
$ git clone

Install some dependencies.

$ npm install

Start the development and can you see demo page (access to the http://localhost:3000/).

$ npm start

Run lint and testing.

$ npm test

Generates build file.

$ npm run build


Thank you for your interest in react-stack-grid.js.
Bugs, feature requests and comments are more than welcome in the issues.

Before you open a PR:

Be careful to follow the code style of the project. Run npm test after your changes and ensure you do not introduce any new errors or warnings. All new features and changes need documentation.