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Typo and small formatting fixes.

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@@ -132,13 +132,13 @@ inplace GHC, the following steps should work:
1. On windows, make sure that Cabal finds the inplace gcc
- $ cd /path/to/ghc
- $ cp `which gcc` ghc/
+ $ cd /path/to/ghc
+ $ cp `which gcc` ghc/
(Adjust to version of GCC that GHC was compiled with.)
2. Set the `GHC_PATH` variable to the correct path to for your
system. Make sure *not* to set `HC`, `PKG`, or `HADDOCK`, they
- will automatically set to point to the inplace versions.
+ will automatically be set to point to the inplace versions.
3. Use `make` or `make cabal-install` as above.

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