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Process Watch Dog Java Library
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Process Watch Dog

Java library for watching (and killing) processes.

Watch Dog thread runs only when there are same active processes to watch.

       .-------------.       .    .   *       *   
      /_/_/_/_/_/_/_/ \         *       .   )    .
     //_/_/_/_/_/_// _ \ __          .        .   
    /_/_/_/_/_/_/_/|/ \.' .`-o                    
     |             ||-'(/ ,--'                    
     |             ||  _ |                        
     |             ||'' ||                        
     |_____________|| |_|L                     hjm


  • Java 6


Copy the Maven dependency into your Maven project:


Watch a Process

Create a Watch Dog object:

ProcessWatchDog watchDog = new ProcessWatchDog();

Create a process and watch it by the Watch Dog:

ProcessBuilder pb = new ProcessBuilder("myCommand", "myArg1", "myArg2");
Process p = pb.start();, 1000); // kill the process after 1 sec

Watch another process by the same Watch Dog:

pb = new ProcessBuilder("otherCommand");
Process p2 = pb.start();, 2000); // kill the second process after 2 secs

Unwatch a Process

Unwatch a process if you don't care any longer:


Keep a Process Alive

Normally, a process should be killed only after a timeout of inactivity. To tell the Watch Dog that the process is still active a heartbeat must be sent.

Send a heartbeat explicitly to reset the timeout:


Send a heartbeat automatically with every read byte:

p =, 1000);    // reassign the `WatchedProcess` object to the process reference

InputStream is = p.getInputStream();
int b;
while ((b = != -1) {
    // heartbeat is sent implicitly with every successful call of `read()` 

Alternatively, send a heartbeat explicitly via WatchedProcess object:

WatchedProcess wp =, 1000);    // use the returned watched process object

Release Changes


Watched process with a heartbeat.

  • WatchedProcess class added.
  • heartBeat(Process) method added to the ProcessWatchDog class.


Initial version.


Apache License, Version 2.0

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